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a seat in which to read

exhibition & reading event


Where do we sit at work and at home? Behind the desk, on the sofa, the garden chair, at the kitchen table, in bed, the train. Do you have a chair of your own in which to read? Does this place change or stay the same?

A seat in which to read is a pop-up exhibition and reading event centred around sharing writing authored by women and the physical spaces reading occupies. Stories, poems, theoretical and research texts were selected by students and staff across the University of Wolverhampton, along with a chair of their own - making visible the absence and presence of women and their place in the world. 

Through the reading event, contributors read fragments from their chosen texts, opening up informal conversations about making space for ourselves and others in the contexts of education, how we acknowledge and share what we learn from other women and the intergenerational narratives that emerge through this. 

Contributors: Natasha Bloomfield, Sarah Byrne, Annie Dickson, Elsie Gayle, Ria Hill, Charmaine Host, Julie Hughes, Emily Mantell, Louise Palfreyman, Marion Sheffield, Jane Webb.

Download the Reading List.

Co-curated with Maggie Ayliffe.

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