Artworks by Navi Kaur Lucy Reynolds and Holly Argent with contributions from Grand Union staff, studio holders, community groups and artists.

Photography by Stuart Whipps and Tom Harris. 

Simultaneity of stories-so-far

Grand Union


A simultaneity of stories-so-far is an exhibition of sound, video and writing by artists Lucy Reynolds, Navi Kaur and Holly Argent. Curated by Laura Onions and Alice O’Rourke, the project will re-consider acts of gathering and articulating collective stories. Cultivated throughout the last year, stories-so-far brings to attention how place is given resonance through joined together voices.

Stemming from Grand Union’s 10th year anniversary, each contribution to the exhibition offers propositions for locating, reflecting, pausing and appreciating how we become mapped into places overtime. Taken up in feminist literature, the figure of the map stands for past rigidities that can also be reworked from within, open to the fragments, incoherences and connections yet to be made. “Perhaps we could imagine space as a simultaneity of stories-so-far” a thought from geographer Doreen Massey in her book ‘For Space’ which encourages a thinking of space as a result of interrelations between people and place. By working with people and stories – as opposed to conventional archival objects – this exhibition acts as a marker of our existence and a method of making ourselves and others more visible.

Visit the exhibition website for further information about the artists involved and extended programme of workshops and events. 

Project supported and funded by Grand Union, Arts Council England and the Elephant Trust.

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