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Book Supports, Writing Otherwise
Coventry Biennale, 2019.

Modern Clay, Birmingham, 2018. 


Produced through a layering of screen printing and paint on un-stretched canvas that is folded, stitched and filled. I think of writing otherwise as an approach, not exclusive to writing, but inclusive of working with materials, situations, spaces and people in different and supportive ways. To support is to give assistance to, bear the weight and, ultimately to care.


Archival research into Marion Richardson (1892 -1946) an artist/educator who transformed the manner in which children learn to write through pattern making, has resulted in a series of work in which writerly patterns and textual elements meet one another. Blurring the lines between writing and painting. The book support exists as a functional painting - to be used to support other matter and the space of reading itself.

Installation View, Coventry Biennale 2019, The Row & Bell Green Library

Photographs by Marcin Sz.

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