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Minerva Garden - Seasonal Cards
Grand Union, Birmingham, 2021.


Four greetings cards co-designed with women at Grand Union's Minerva Apothecary Garden, based on a series of workshops led at the garden in 2021. This is the first social-enterprise that has grown from the healing Garden. Women supported by Birmingham-based organisations Anawim and Crisis Skylight Bham, have been coming together since Spring 2021 for workshops in the garden, facilitated by artists, gardeners and chefs. The space has been built by them and for them, and has become a source of care and respite – an apothecary – with a dedicated section for medicinal plants.

The cards can be used to send seasonal greetings, well wishes and joy to loved ones. You can purchase a pack of cards from Grand Union's website here. All proceeds from this project go directly back to the women that have lovingly co-designed them. 

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