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We will only have the future tense, also each other

Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, 2021.

The first in a new Print Window exhibition series, SPEAKEASY, at AirSpace gallery explored the artist's voice in relation to print and protest in contemporary societal issues.


Interdependency is central to the message and form of this work. Doves, synonymous with themes of love, gentleness and partnership are an evocative symbol for relationships. Originally a mono-print, this tender image is split across the two surfaces, like the pages of a book, together but also separate. The accompanying text skips across both halves. We will only have the future tense, also each other a phrase by author Quinn Latimer is statement about the need for solidarity and togetherness if we are to move through uncertain times towards a shared future tense. The two posters should be seen in tandem with one another, forming a whole. 


For more information about the SpeakEasy programme visit Airspace Gallery. 

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