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Gathering Press at Bilston Market, 26 May 2022.

Image by Gavin Rogers.

Press fabricated by MJM Bespoke.

Gathering Press


Gathering Press is a mobile screen-printing unit designed to open temporary messy, creative space through which the narratives of place may be translated through making together. Initiated in 2020 with support funding from Creative Black Country and the University of Wolverhampton, the press is a conduit for research into how a ‘social infrastructure for printmaking’ may emerge.


Workshops will take place in public places to generate new work in connection with local histories and archival research. Drawing upon ideas of social sculpture, feminist geographies and printmaking collectives, the press allows exploration into what might happen when printmaking is unhinged from a single location.   


Recent Locations & Projects:

British Art Show 9 Legacy Project, Nov - Dec 2022

Being Human Festival, Nov 2022

Bilston Market, May 2022

Bilston Craft gallery, May 2022

For more documentation of the journey of the press and wider project, visit @gathering_press on Instagram.

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