Maker-Centric (2017 -18)
Community asset based project in the West Midlands.

In conjunction with Craft Space and the University of Wolverhampton, ‘Maker Centric’ is an AHRC funded project exploring how acts of making can help bring communities together to form and shape a sense of identity and place.

My role as researcher/ participant was one of facilitation and connecting groups such as the 'Gatis Community Centre' in Whitmore Reans and the 'Petals for Hope' group in Heath Town with local assets. For example working with and from local archives to uncover more about the histories of place and where the participants live and work.

The project culminated in the development of ‘stamps,’ art objects that represented aspects of place and place-making made and designed with participants. This developed agency, confidence and skills in using new technologies and further opportunities for community groups to extend their own initiatives and agendas.

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