Repeat, recite, restate; because they did not hear you the first time 

repeating the structure

repeating an action with different results

repeating a mark until it fills the surface

repeating to say the same thing twice

repeating because you were not heard the first time

repeating because they could not hear you the first time

repeating because we have seen this before

repeating to see it again, again

repeating a word until it no longer makes sense

repeating to result in a pattern

repeating to leave a gesture

repeating to remake

repeating to catch the rhythm of making

repeating to strike a chord

repeating to induce a trance

repeating to recite

            recite from memory

            recite to remember

            recite to linger

            recite to remunerate

            reciting to narrate

            recite another person’s language

            reciting empty words

            recite to become with and different from

            recite to rewrite the process

            recite to go over

            reciting in circles, arches, curves

            recite the rhythm of thinking

            recite the rhythm of speaking

            recite to relive

            recite to reinstate

                        restate to convince

                        restate to make it clearer

                        restate to emphasise

                        restate to rephrase

                        restate to leave an echo

                        restate to reshape

                        restating a moment

                        restating a message

                        restate in a way that produces noise

                        restate from an alternate perspective

                        restate from your perspective

                        restate to find a perspective

                        restate to change the perspective

                        restating and labouring the point

                        restate to not hear the last of

Installation views, Brixton Pound (16 - 22 Oct 2017).

Group exhibition Repeat, Recite, Restate 

Curated by Ryan Kearney and Eunice Cornejo.